PR for You

Get exposure, gain public awareness, and reap the benefits.

All clients receive personalized service in developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy. All campaigns gain access to local and national media coverage, buzz within their community, promotions, event sales, and brand recognition.

How we do things:

  • Work closely with clients to fine-tune objectives and determine what standout qualities of the company or project should be honed and highlighted to the press
  • Define the client’s audience and zero in on demographics by creating targeted contact pools, utilized by Karin’s vast media connections, as well as research and the Cision Media Resource Guide
  • Create next-level press releases by putting ourselves in the media’s shoes and providing them with compelling, relevant content
  • Create full media kits, including key messages, Q&A, bios, press releases, promotional materials, photos, video, etc.
  • Work with top-tier media to arrange interviews and create briefing documents detailing strategy, background information, and potential interview questions
  • Provide client with post-interview recap and feedback, as well as follow up with the interviewer
  • Place event information on calendar listings, event guides, entertainment and/or music web outlets, and secure mentions in notable, relevant eNewsletters
  • Pitch! Pitch! Pitch! We are our clients’ greatest allies.
Additional Services:
  • Expand our clients’ networks through innovative approaches
  • Handle and negotiate any media partnerships
  • Handle and negotiate any promotions
  • Alert client of any relevant events or engagements and handle booking
  • Provide client with feedback on all aspects of web presence
  • Consult on business opportunities and budgeting
  • Assist in all aspects of event production