Karin Conn

About Me

Karin Conn is a PR specialist who gets results. With her over 20 years of expertise, Karin and her team work together to make innovative and impactful campaigns for their clients, developing the best story angles to match the message with the most appropriate contacts in local, regional, and national media. Building relationships with media professionals who generate exposure and interest with the client’s target audience is a foremost consideration when we take on any project. Our primary goal is to attain maximum exposure to the widest possible audience, making our campaigns most effective. Karin, Cala, Kate, and Charles are located in San Francisco, with clients in the Bay Area as well as across the country.

All aspects of public relations, including one-time projects, company launches, branding, news announcements, special events, press parties, and implementing long-term strategic campaigns, are handled by Karin and the team.

  • We work closely with clients’ core staff to ensure the absolute best representation of the company.
  • Karin’s impressive database of contacts opens numerous doors for client exposure.
  • The team’s work ethic fits hand-in-hand with the needs of the press.
  • Karin interfaces with the media directly, leaving no confusion as to who is delivering the client’s message to the press.
  • All contacts are thoroughly researched, and each outreach consists of a personalized approach, ensuring the best possible results.
  • All coverage is thoroughly monitored and compiled for client review and feedback in real time.
  • Our dedication to tenacity ensures the best possible outcome for all campaigns.
  • Above all else, we LOVE what we do!