Karin Conn


Karin Conn PR increases public awareness by creating a strategic plan for maximum exposure. We pride ourselves in developing the most effective marketing campaigns to present our clients in the best and brightest light while engaging the most consumers. We work personally with each client to develop and execute a comprehensive promotional and marketing campaign, both short and long-term.

We provide our clients local and/or national media coverage in print, online, radio & TV to generate a buzz within the target audience, plus promotional value, maximum sales and positive brand recognition. We make it our priority to uphold the integrity of our clients’ companies, products and services.

Our Strategy:

  • Work closely with the client to fine-tune objectives and determine the standout qualities of the company or project which will be honed and highlighted for the presentation to the media.
  • Define the client’s audience and zero in on demographics by creating targeted contact pools, facilitated by Karin’s media connections, extensive research and her quality Media Resource Guide.
  • Create next-level press releases and pitches by understanding the media’s individual requirements and providing compelling, relevant content.
  • Create full media kits, including key messages, Q&A, bios, press releases, promotional materials, photos, videos, content for social media outreach, and more.
  • Work with top-tier media to arrange interviews and create briefing documents detailing strategy, background information and potential interview questions.
  • Provide client with post-interview recap and feedback, as well as a thorough follow-up with the interviewer.
  • Place event information in calendar listings, event guides, entertainment and/or music web outlets, plus obtain mentions in notable and relevant eNewsletters and eBlasts.
  • Pitch! Pitch! Pitch! We are our clients’ greatest advocate.

Additional Services

  • Expand our clients’ networks through innovative approaches.
  • Handle and negotiate media partnerships and advertising deals.
  • Arrange cross-promotions with local companies who already have large numbers of members or followers.
  • Alert clients to any relevant events or speaking engagements and handle scheduling and booking.
  • Provide clients with feedback on all aspects of their website and marketing material.
  • Consult on business opportunities and budgeting.

Social Media Marketing

  • We help our clients customize and maintain their social channels for outreach.
  • We excel at obtaining visibility and engagement by their fans, in addition to gaining the greatest number of new followers while staying within the budget.
  • Services include account setup, audience building, automation, and content.
  • Social Media Marketing services require a specialist and an additional fee.